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In early 2023, several members of the Southwest Florida potters' community saw the need for a gathering place for ceramic artists of all levels to share the joys and tribulations of our passion for all things clay. In our experience, beginning potters start with classes at one of the many studios in the area, cycle through those classes, and then reach a level where they feel the need to strike out on their own - often to their garage, where they set up a small studio and continue learning and experimenting. At that point, they find that a garage can be lonely, and that's where the Guild comes in. Although founded by experienced potters, the Guild is intended to be a home for beginning potters as well, where everyone can learn from each other. 

The Guild has recently relocated our gallery to the Quednau/Hindman House (the yellow house) located in the Punta Gorda History Park. The Guild's Gallery is open from 9 am - 1 pm every Sunday throughout the year during the History Park's Art Market. We will have an electric kiln at the Gallery, and members can rent space in the kiln during scheduled firing times. There is also space at the History Park for a Wood Fire Manabigama Kiln and Raku firings, for which the Guild is raising funds.

We've are currently lining up a nationally-recognized potters to present a Workshops in Punta Gorda, FL including 2 separate hands-on workshops by renouned paper clay artist Graham Hay in November 2024 . We will continue to look for additional arts and crafts shows throughout Southwest Florida where our members can sell their pottery and we can expand our membership. There is a lot more in the works, and we hope you'll join us and help create a Guild that provides incredible opportunities for all its members.

Southwest Florida Potters Guild, Inc.

Board of Directors and Officers 

Jack McClennen, AAGG


Joe Mayhew


Kate Krause


Hope Croskey


Claire Jubb

Facility Director


Membership Director

Chris Colle

Events Director

Gary Skelly

Communications Director

Southwest Florida Potters Guild, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. 

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